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the choices we make determine our destiny...


The Art Gallery

we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are

Can you appreciate the art and perceive what's really going on to win?

The Wizard's Tower

when the student is ready, the master appears

You only have an hour to work your magic!

What is an escape room?

It begins with a good story...

The clock is set and time ticks away

60 minutes of clues, codes, and puzzles 

All of your resources, skills, and brainpower are tested.

And opened doors...well, that’s all up to you.


Opening Hours


(By appointment only, 

please call 318-606-4986 to schedule)

FRIDAY 3-11:30PM

(last booking at 10:30pm)

SATURDAY: 12-11:30PM

(last booking at 10:30pm)


(last booking at 6pm)